Tree and Stump Removal

William C. Craig construction has been removing and trimming trees for 12 years. Owner, Chad Craig, takes pride in preserving the integrity of standing trees with correct cuts approved by arborists.

Trees, although beautiful, can host a number of problems and require removal.

  1.     Intrusive root system leading to foundation or plumbing problems,

  2.     Diseased tree or trees that have contracted a fungus

  3.     Damaged trees from high winds or ice storm

Tree trimming and tree removal can offer a magnitude of benefits.

  1.    Improve landscaping,

  2.     Reduce the amount of allergens,

  3.     Help prevent trees from terminal storm damage,

  4.     Improve the life and appearance of trees, or

  5.     Protect surrounding structures by removing overhanging branches.

Once a tree is removed, all that remains is an unwanted stump. William C. Craig Construction has proper equipment to remove any size stump. With two varying sized stump grinders, William C. Craig construction has the capability of entering gated area 36 inches or greater.

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